Courses Festival

Welcome to the AgileEE Courses Festival — the extended training program under the brand of AgileEE. It’s a list of unique classes guided by highly valued trainers, who are rarely available in Ukraine.
Each class you can attend separately, without participating in other sessions or visiting the conference. But what unites all this — is the quality of knowledge, guaranteed by the reputation of the AgileEE. Plus, being the conference attendee, you’ll get a special rate for courses.


klimov1st — 2nd of April, Kyiv
Take part in the Kanban System Design course with Kirill Klimov.

Kanban is an alternative path to agility, a powerful mechanism for constructing your process of delivering value to the client. The method is actively developing and evolving: the growth of Agile/Scrum teams that use Kanban from 15% to 43% (according to the latest report State of Scrum Report 2015).

The format of the each class is the two-day program with preliminary self-training and «homework.» This training incorporates many concepts of «training from the back of the room,» in which the participants say and do more than the instructor: short blocks of theory alternate with practice and exercises.

The program includes a full-scale simulation of the kanban system in a safe environment where all participants will be able to experience all aspects of the kanban system.

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klimov23d — 4th of April, Kyiv
Join the Kanban Management Professional Training with Kirill Klimov.
As this class is a “next step” in Kanban learning roadmap and uses concepts thought on previous class (like STATIK approach) this is required that all visitors had previously visited LKU class “Kanban system design” or KMP1.


Register for both trainings, Kanban System Design and Kanban Management Professional Training, and get the special price1200$ for both together.



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5 — 6th of April, Kyiv
Visit the official ScrumAlliance Certified Agile Leadership Course — TrustTemenos CAL1 provided by Olaf Lewitz and Christine Neidhardt.

How to be a leader in rapidly changing conditions? What is the meaning of leadership in an Agile context? Who is the Agile leader in the end? The Certified Agile Leadership — TrustTemenos CAL1 training will give you the knowledge and experience.

The official ScrumAlliance course provided by Olaf Lewitz and Christine Neidhardt is built around our three-dimensional model of leadership:

  • Context management
  • Relationship building
  • Growth

This two-days course full of experiential, deep-dive learning and discovery is rarely available in Europe, and even more seldom in Ukraine.


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2210—11th of April, Kyiv
Join Cynefin-Informed Agile Development Course by legendary Dave Snowden.

Dave Snowden — founder and chief scientific officer of Cognitive Edge. His work is international in nature and covers government and industry looking at complex issues relating to strategy, organizational decision making, and decision making. He has pioneered a science-based approach to organizations drawing on anthropology, neuroscience and complex adaptive systems theory, and well known for his pragmatic cynicism and iconoclastic style.

This class is the unique chance to meet and learn from Dave Snowden during his first visit to Ukraine. All AgileEE attendees have the exclusive price for this training.

At this two-day training, Dave Snowden will introduce a cohesive set of principles and methods based on the latest concepts from complexity science, anthropology, evolutionary biology, and cognitive science.

This two-days course is rarely available in Europe and will be held in Ukraine for the first time.


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